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We work with many employers around town and have been connecting the right people for the right job for almost 20 years.

Why Are We The Best?

When we work with any potential client or candidate, we promise to serve you the best we possibly can. We’re approaching 20 years of service, and with time, we gain not only experience but many connections. We’ll work with every resource and network to ensure that we approach the best optimal and desired result in mind, regardless if it’s working with a new client or finding a job for a new candidate.
We utilized our professional resources to contribute to the advancement of individuals seeking to improve their employment circumstances by matching skill sets, education, and experience to employment opportunities that will deliver the highest and best return on their offerings. We want to improve upon their professional growth as well as the quality of life for themselves and their families.

We also strive to contribute to our community by sharing resources to help further improve the efforts that benefit our business neighbors as well as our personal neighbors, and to that end we support our local chamber as well as select non-profit organizations we feel make a solid impact on our city and its residents.

Currently, our previous and current clients have the highest standards and are the most sought after employers in our area. As they host the employment opportunities that will meet the objectives of the individuals who call upon our firm for assistance in meeting and/or exceeding their employment situation.

Past and current job seekers have summarized us as the following:

  • We’ll help connect you with local and reputable employers.
  • We build relationships for personal long term growth.
  • Our employers are in various industries to help widen the different available jobs.
  • We tailor the jobs that match your skills and background.
  • Our staff is successful, we’ll represent you to the fullest.
  • We’ve been in business for a while, our candidates trust us and refer their friends and family to us

Everyday at Staffing Associates we meet new job seekers looking to make a change for their professional careers.  We’ll provide numerous options for whatever is suitable for your situation, from contractual positions, seasonal, or part/full time positions, our staff will connect you to reputable clients near you.

Working with Staffing Associates, you’ll have access to a broad range of positions where your skills can be put to the best possible use. Our experienced and dedicated recruiters are ready to connect you with the next level of success.  Please connect with us by sending us your resume, calling us, or applying to any available positions.

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“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

-Stephen Covey