One great partnership for all your staffing needs!

Businesses are unique and need different staffing solutions.  Staffing Associates have multiple services to tailor all business needs.

Why Are We The Best?

When we work with any potential client or candidate, we promise to serve you the best we possibly can. We’re approaching 20 years of service, and with time, we gain not only experience but many connections. We’ll work with every resource and network to ensure that we approach the best optimal and desired result in mind, regardless if it’s working with a new client or finding a job for a new candidate.
We utilized our professional resources to contribute to the advancement of individuals seeking to improve their employment circumstances by matching skill sets, education, and experience to employment opportunities that will deliver the highest and best return on their offerings. We want to improve upon their professional growth as well as the quality of life for themselves and their families.

We also strive to contribute to our community by sharing resources to help further improve the efforts that benefit our business neighbors as well as our personal neighbors, and to that end we support our local chamber as well as select non-profit organizations we feel make a solid impact on our city and its residents.

Currently, our previous and current clients have the highest standards and are the most sought after employers in our area. As they host the employment opportunities that will meet the objectives of the individuals who call upon our firm for assistance in meeting and/or exceeding their employment situation.

Temporary Staff

Temporary employees give your business the flexibility it needs for full workforce control. Whether you need temporary staffing for seasonal high peek business durations, contractual projects, freelance, part time or full time positions, temporary staffing will enable your business's productivity to run smoothly during these uncertainty time frames that are hard to estimate work force support.


Temporary to hire employees have proven to be a great method to determine if an employee will fit into your working environment permanently. This option allows our clients to review and observe the candidate's overall performance before making that long term commitment. This option is very convenient, we'll do the recruiting, screening, testing, paperwork, legal and HR related activities.

Direct Hire

Direct hire opportunities are great to team up with our staffing services. Hiring staffing associates will give you the benefit of knowing each applicant is well qualified and suited for the position your trying to fill. We apply the same rigorous screening processes in our direct hire positions like we do our temporary services, remember we're matching the right people to the job, not just the skill set.

Payroll Services

For payroll staffing services, we'll place the recruited or hired employee on our payroll for our clients. We'll do all the payroll documentation and services which include, but not all, employer of record, taxes, payroll administration, legal matters to employing these workers, benefits, and other HR functions. We save our clients time, increase efficiency, and decrease legal liability with our effective payroll services.

Background Checks

We do full background screening, which includes drug testing and a criminal background check.

Candidate Database

We’ve produced a deep candidate database which enables us to search through many possible candidates to filter for the right person.

Reference Checks

We conduct a thorough reference check to ensure validity and accuracy on mentioned parties in a candidate’s background to reduce risk.

Skills Testing

Depending on the position, we’ll host test assessments for individuals to evaluate certain skills that enable them to do a position well.

Consider the following facts on why selecting Staffing Associates as your employment partnership is a smart strategic move:

Percentage of resumes and job applications that contain incidences of false information. 53%
Percentage of college students admitted they would lie on a resume to get a job they wanted. 70%
Percentage of resumes that contain false college degrees or other misleading educational data. 21%
Percentage of job seekers that shared that they had lied several times on a resume. 34%

“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.”

-Dee Hock